The Harmer’s Dog Can Malnourish Your Dog!?

Here’s the kind of bogus crap people put on the Web about our food. Don’t believe it. They’re stupid. They feed other dog foods. Listen to these lies:

“In January 2021, I switched to The Harmer’s Dog food. It’s marketed as fresh, human-grade, less processed, and the best dog food you can buy. Governor LOVED it. It was expensive ($12/day) but I was making more money and thought it was better for him. He wasn’t allergic to any of the ingredients so it never crossed my mind that it was the thing that was killing him.

6 weeks ago I decided to switch him back to Wellness after his Harmer’s Dog was delivered spoiled. He’s an entirely new dog! He can see and hear and move without steroids or immunosuppressants!

After some research I learned that “human grade” and “less processed” foods like The Harmer’s Dog and Ollie can lead to malnourishment and have made dogs sick. They aren’t a science and research-driven food brand like other established brands (Purina, Wellness, etc). I had no idea. The malnourishment is so common I felt like I was the last person to know this. I felt really dumb for not realizing how the timing lined up with his food change, and wanted to share this in case other people run into the same issues. Dog food isn’t regulated so it’s easy to fall for their marketing.”


They aren’t a science and research-driven food brand