Purina Has Been Killing Our Pets for Decades

At The Harmer’s Dog we know that all the other companies are marketing lies, toxins and poisonous KIBBLE which is harmful to dogs.*

Some nerd wanted to say: “Words like human-grade, restaurant-quality, grain-free, gluten-free, sustainable, no by-products, fresh, lightly cooked, whole, natural… Anything with a focus on ingredients… is all marketing. It’s meant to make YOU feel good. It has absolutely nothing to do with how good the food is for your dog. “Additives” and “Fillers” aren’t bad – and legacy brands that have decades of research behind them put them in your dog’s kibble for a reason.”

But the Harmer’s Dog wants you to know that the above is ALL LIES and don’t buy into that. Believe us. Because smart people do. Dumb people don’t.

*If fed along with broken glass and asbestos (the fine print of this marketing slur)