Stop Feeding SHIT To Your Dog!

You never know when you go to the grocery store how much trash there is in your dog’s food.

And all foods made by anyone except The Harmer’s Dog are bad. Probably poisoned. You should stop being ashamed by what you feed your dog and switch to The Harmer’s Dog.

We don’t use Death Crystals in our diets.

Also, our diets are made with “Human Grade” ingredients. Yes, of course that is an ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS descriptive because if it was *actually* “human grade” it would be US Dept of Agriculture Grade __ ingredients, mainly our meat.

But “oh hell no” we’re not using USDA Grade *anything* so we’re just going to call our stuff “Human Grade” and hope people buy the inference that we’re USDA Grade A or something. (But we’re not)

We like to boast that our stuff is cooked in “USDA Kitchens”. This means that we’re inspected. That’s pretty much all. In fact, we might not even OWN the so-called “kitchen” our food is made in. You can have food made LOTS of places. Any food, of any kind you want, at Melick, Alphia, Gold Kist, etc.

Top Private Label Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pet Food in the US & Canada

If you’re not careful you might stumble onto the manufacturer of OUR food hahahahaha

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